Sunday, 25 May 2014

2000 Runs in IPL - Balls and Innings

Here is the list of the fastest in terms of balls and innings to complete 2000 runs in Indian Premier League (IPL). 

Fastest to 2000 IPL Runs (BALLS)
1211 – Virender Sehwag
1251 – Chris Gayle
1353 – Yousuf Pathan
1389 – Shane Watson
1425 – AB de Villiers
1446 – MS Dhoni
1451 – Suresh Raina
1455 – Adam Gilchrist
1555 – Gautam Gambhir
1563 – Rohit Sharma
1610 – Robin Uthappa
1614 – Dinesh Karthik
1626 – Shikhar Dhawan
1647 – Virat Kohli
1667 – Sachin Tendulkar
1716 – Rahul Dravid
1806 – Jacques Kallis

Sehwag played 1211 balls to get to his 2000th run in IPL
- Fastest in terms of balls 

Sehwag played the least balls and Kallis played the most to complete 2000 Runs

Fastest to 2000 IPL Runs (INNINGS)
48 – Chris Gayle
63 – Sachin Tendulkar
64 – Shane Watson
68 – Gautam Gambhir
69 – Suresh Raina
70 – Virender Sehwag
74 – Shikhar Dhawan
75 – MS Dhoni/Rahul Dravid
76 – Jacques Kallis/AB de Villiers
77 – Rohit Sharma
78 – Adam Gilchrist
79 – Virat Kohli
88 – Robin Uthappa
93 – Dinesh Karthik
95 – Yousuf Pathan

Gayle completed 2000 runs in his 48th inning in IPL
 - Fastest to reach there in terms of innings

Chronological Order of players reaching 2000 runs in IPL
Suresh Raina – 30th April 2012 vs KKR, in his 69th inning and 1451st ball
Gautam Gambhir – 16th May 2012 vs MI, in his 68th inning and 1555th ball
Sachin Tendulkar – 20th May 2012 vs RR, in his 63rd inning and 1667th ball
Rohit Sharma – 9th April 2013 vs DD, in his 77th inning and 1563rd ball
Jacques Kallis – 11th April 2013 vs RCB, in his 76th inning and 1806th ball
Chris Gayle – 16th April 2013 vs DD, in his 48th inning and 1251st ball
Virender Sehwag – 21st April 2013 vs MI, in his 70th inning and 1211th ball
MS Dhoni – 25th April 2013 vs SRH, in his 75th inning and 1446th ball
Virat Kohli – 29th April 2013 vs RR, in his 79th innings and 1647th ball
Rahul Dravid – 5th May 2013 vs PWI, in his 75th innings and 1716th ball
Adam Gilchrist – 14th May 2013 vs RCB, in his 78th innings and 1455th ball
Robin Uthappa – 19th April 2014 vs DD, in his 88th innings and 1610th ball
Shikhar Dhawan – 8th May 2014 vs RR, in his 74th innings and
Shane Watson – 13th May 2014 vs CSK, in his 64th innings and 1389th ball
AB de Villiers – 18th May 2014 vs CSK, in his 76th innings and 1425th ball
Dinesh Karthik – 19th May 2014 vs KXIP, in his 93rd innings and 1614th ball
Yousuf Pathan – 24th May 2014 vs SRH, in his 95th innings and 1353rd ball

Suresh Raina was the first to complete 2000 runs in IPL on 30th April 2012. 
Suresh Raina also became the first batsman to get to 3000 runs in IPL. He got there on 7th May 2014 vs KXIP in his 103rd inning and 2117th ball. 

All figures updated till 24th May 2014

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Nervous 90s in IPL

Below is the list of Nervous 90s in IPL (Indian Premier League)

Sehwag was the first batsman to have a nervous 90 score in IPL

* The first nervous 90 score recorded in IPL was 94* by Virender Sehwag for Daredevils against Deccan Chargers on 22nd April 2008.
* The first Batsman to be dismissed in 90s was Kumar Sangakkara for Kings Xi when he was out on 94 against the Mumbai Indians on 25th April 2008.

Here is the list of all the nervous 90s score in IPL  

99* - Suresh Raina for CSK vs SRH at Hyderabad on 8th May 2013

99 - Virat Kohli for RCB vs DD at Delhi on 10th May 2013

98* - Shane Watson for RR vs SRH at Jaipur on 27th April 2013
98 – Suresh Raina for CSK vs RR at Centurion on 30th April 2009
98 – Ajinkya Rahane for RR vs KXIP at Jaipur on 6th April 2012